Rusty - July 2013


    Been with us at HHVC since 2006

Favorite Treat: Duck Breast treats.

Favorite Sleeping Spot: On the Couch with the Family.

Best Trick: Balances treat on his nose until his owner says "OK" then he'll eat it!

Favorite Toy: Rope.




Hagar & Ariel- June 2013

Hagar & Ariel June 2013

Hagar and Ariel have been coming to HHVC since 2008.

Favorite Treat? Apples and veggies

Favorite sleeping spot? Around the bed on pillows

Best trick? Hagar can talk some. Ariel likes to play "sneak up" (sneaks up behind you and barks).

Favorite toy? Screaming ducks and sticks




  Mac - May 2013

 2013 MAC May POM

Mac has been with HHVC since 2009.

Favorite treat:
String cheese or baby carrots.

Favorite sleeping spot:
Owners lap.

Best trick:
Army crawl.

Favorite toy:
Stuffed fish.


Bear - April 2013

 2013 April POM

Bear has been with HHVC since 2011.

Favorite treat:
Jerky Sticks.

Favorite sleeping spot:
With his kittens.

Best trick:
Plays hide & seek with her children.

Favorite toy:
Stuffed squirrel & Squirrels in general.


Goofy & Lana - March 2013

2013  March POM

Goofy & Lana have been with HHVC since 2008.

Favorite treat:
Meat bones.

Favorite sleeping spot:
Goofy: On your back. Lana: Under the covers.

Best trick:
Goofy: Tongue soccer. Lana: Couch potato.

Favorite toy:
Goofy: Grumpy ball. Lana: Tennis ball.


Scarlett Johanson - February 2013

Feb 2013 POM

Scarlett Johanson has been with HHVC since 2010.

Favorite treat:
Bonito Flakes.

Favorite sleeping spot:
Anywhere near her owner.

Best trick:
She sits on command.

Favorite toy:
Loves erasers and playing fetch with them.


Jagg & Tanz - January 2013

jan 2013 POM

Jagg & Tanz are twin 5 year old Siamese Mixes.

Favorite treat:
Tanz, it would be plastic, he chews on it every chance he gets! Jagg, goes crazy for vanilla ice cream.

Favorite sleeping spot:
When the fireplace is on, they like to curl up on a soft throw blanket we keep in-front of it.

Best trick:
Tanz, likes to play tag. Jagg recites "emo" kitty poetry.

Favorite toy:
Jagg, has a stuffed octopus called Takoyaki. Tanz, has a stuffed horse that always ends up in their water bowl.



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