Charities Helping Hands Supports

  • DONATION CLINIC: Helping Hands does an annual holiday pet food drive. Along with other donated items to the clinic.
  • HOMEWARD PET: CPR and Emergency Preparedness classes, Cherie Guidry DVM instructed classes at the Shelter teaching pet owners CPR and emergency preparedness classes.
  • FIRE DEPT:  Helping Hands is proud to have donated 4 oxygen masks to the Local fire district 1 in Lynnwood, also teaching how to properly fit an oxygen mask on a service dog.
  • LOCAL SCHOOLS: Helping Hands opens up the clinic each year to  several Preschool and elementary schools for Field Trips, their students can tour and learn about what the day to day life in a veterinary clinic is like.
  • PIMA JOB FAIRS: At Helping Hands veterinary clinic we strive on teaching and one way we go about this is taking in Pima externs regularly, teaching them and watching as they become confident in their career choice.
  • NW HARVEST: During the holiday months we have a NW Harvest bin conveniently located in our clinic lobby for staff and clients to donate non-perishable food items.
  • CHAMBER OF COMMERCE – We’re proud to be a preferred business member with the Lynnwood Chamber of Commerce!
  • The PAWS PROJECT – We’re proud to support the movement to stop cat declawing, for more info on this project click the on the link.