Thanks to Helping Hands, and a bit of cardiology, I now know my goofy baby girl will love a long and happy life! Awesome team, full of compassion and integrity!
-Jennifer K.

I drive an hour see these wonderful vets!!!! They take such wonderful care of my boys, Bailey angled Gibson!!!!! Though they don’t see Bailey anymore due to his cancer, they still ask how he is and give Gibson hugs. Vest treatment around!!!
-Brittany A.

I was very happy with my experience at Helping Hands
The front desk were very nice When I was taken back they were also very nice the actual vet seemed very friendly and caring about my cat she spent a good amount of time with him Gave him hugs and kisses you can tell that everyone at this clinic as a pet
Many clinics I have been to can hardly speak English and really could care less about animals!
I would totally go back again
-Shawna L.

Fabulous, it was a hardship when I went because i had to euthanize my pet, and they made the whole experience comfortable and they were very understanding and kind. I can’t say enough about the clinic. I am so grateful for them. My vet was Dr. Kari Johnson and i am so happy i had her guidance.
-Karin P.