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  • I brought my older dog here for grooming. She is a standard poodle. The groomer came out and met my dog as it was her first visit here, she was very nice and my dog warmed up to her right away. My poodle had pretty long hair as we were scheduled for grooming at Petco that we had waited over a month for, to get a call the night before to say they don’t do grooming for the age of my dog, she is to old. She has been groomed her whole life, I called the manager of petco and he gave me the info for helping hands. From the time I called until the time I picked up my dog, everyone was so nice. My dog looked great and she even came home with two little pink bows that made her look so cute. Best of all, I saved money on my grooming, my dog and I are super happy. Thanks helping hands crew. Sue Ellen

    Sue Ellen

  • Wow, people sure do love to whine and complain about the smallest little imagined offense. I can't believe these negative reviews. Dr. M has always treated my Lupa with the utmost care and love, despite the fact that I am unable to pay top dollar. He is knowlegeable, makes use of natural treatments such as homeopathy, and is gentle, kind and very, very good at what he does. You know, vets go into their practice having had - hour for hour - as much schooling as regular doctors! They put in all that time, expense, thought and pure sweat to give us their expertise at a fraction of what a regular MD makes. Dr. M is one of the best and I recommend him any time. Some people might need to practice a little appreciation. If you want everything perfectly catered to your own personal set of finicky demands, by all means, go pay top dollar to get someone who will kiss your heiney for $$$$$. If you are trying to take care of your animal with whatever you can afford, be grateful for good doctors who offer affordable quality care. Long waits? That's because it's a walk-in clinic, and they are inexpensive and very good. Apparently other people wanted to go there as much as you did. It's called "sharing." Don't think Science Diet/Iams is good enough for Fifi? Remember, this is a low cost clinic for those of us who can't afford caviar - it's definitely better than Friskey's. Had to pay attention to your own animal's chart? It's YOUR animal, so what if you had an opportunity to actually participate in its care? My GOODNESS, waah, waah, waaah! People, maybe it's time to ask yourselves, are YOU perfect? Does an occasional mistake make you any less good at what you do well? Hell, do YOU do what you LOVE for a living, even though you could've made a lot more chasing the money, but instead choose to provide low cost service purely out of compassion and a desire to help??? Maybe it's time to do like Micheal (RIP) and "start with the man in the mirror" mmmkay?

    kayta b.

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