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  • these people work so damn hard to take care of our pets to the best of their ability and I can't count the times I have witnessed them being treated with utter disrespect by entitled ass is insane to me! I wouldn't trust my cats in the care of any other facility. This is medical care so of course the prices aren't going to be cheap but why would you expect get what you pay for!! Do you get care at discount doctors or dentists?? No! So why should your beloved animal? The entire team works so hard and have been working tirelessly and putting themselves in jeopardy during this pandemic to take care of our pets!! The techs (who are the equivalent of nurses in the vet world) are amazing! The vets clearly have our animals best interests at heart. The front staff work so hard! I have had the best experiences here with my pets.

    Keli D.

  • I have had a wonderful experience at Helping Hands. After taking my dog to two different Vets' for the same problem only to get a "quick fix" and a big bill I decided to try HH. Dr. G is wonderful. Not only did he help my dog but I learned more in one visit than I did at any other vet I've ever been to. I feel very confident with their knowledge. Their entire staff is very knowledgeable and caring, I am very pleased. I am also very happy that they are a walk-in clinic. I can make my visits around my schedule which is very nice, I have never had to wait very long (they also take after hours appointments too, which is great).

    Angie L.

  • 4.4 Google Rating